New Single

… And this one is something different 🙂 “Daydreaming” is the first piece where I am both the pianist and the composer!

This piece, that I composed during the spring of pandemic 2020, is released today on streaming platforms. “Daydreaming” came to life as my way of dealing with the fears and uncertainty of those times, by daydreaming of the “old” world we all knew until that point. It is a tender melodic piece, and it is inspired by some of my favourite music: classical, film music, with just a touch of jazzyness. Although composed almost two years ago, at this moment when the world has gotten one nuance darker then before, it is still a gentle distraction and a breeze of tenderness and positive energy, which is why i decided to publish it, and share it with the world.

Listen on: Spotify , Tidal , Apple music , Deezer , Amazon music

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