“A pianist of extraordinary sensibility…”

Katarina Andjelković in her latest project Piano ReDiscovered brings exciting new repertoire of forgotten and unperformed works of classical music to her audience, showcasing her talent and inventiveness as a researcher and a truly inspirational and engaging artist

That’s me

Katarina recently started new passion-project Piano ReDiscovered that is bringing back to life the forgotten, unperformed or unjustly underrepresented works of classical piano repertoire. During the lockdown 2020 she recorded the first album of this music, Quietudes, in the technically limited conditions, as a way of making a statement and placing the artistic vision before the technical perfection and sharing it with the audience the way it is- raw, honest, deep, and coming in the much needed moment during the crisis. The project was supported by the City of Vienna.

Quietudes are out! The album of hauntingly beautiful pieces by the forgotten composers William Baines, Lady Viola Kinney, Leopold Godowsky, Lili Boulanger, and many others.

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