Global Peter Drucker Forum 2020 and its “Musical Regards”

At the end of October 2020 I had a great honor to participate at the Global Peter Drucker Forum, which annually takes place in Vienna. This year, due to the pandemic, it was held as an online conference. With the topic “Leadership everywhere” it was hosting some great speakers and experts on the topic. And, as a part of the programme called “Musical regards”, it also offered the space to musicians – members of the “Be your own manager” Academy of the fantastic coach Bernhard Kerres, to share their view on the topic. The result is in front of you: a video of Musical Regards, featuring musicians from all over the world, talking about leadership and playing some beautiful, exciting music!

I played the last of the Robert Schumann’s “Scenes from childhood” (Kinderszenen), named “The poet speaks”, and you can see it around the minute 12’30”. But I would warmly invite you to check out all of these amazing musicians, who also speak, both like poets and leaders, and offer some great insights on the topic. You can watch the full video here. Enjoy!

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