First Album!

The summer of 2020 was, despite of many limitations, a very productive one for me. A sudden change of lifestyle and a huge amount of time in lockdown, as well as the need to occupy myself creatively in order to find a way to stay away from all the stress that the new circumstances brought, resulted in something wonderful for me: my first ever digital album!

Quietudes is an album of undiscovered, forgotten or less played classical pieces for piano. It is an intimate confession born in the times of global crisis – a concept that makes something personal – universal, and allows it to resonate in the hearts of many. The choice of pieces is made around the topic that inderectly inspired the whole album: being surrounded by the noise and gloominess of these unusual times, I had a need to search for a place of inner quiet, which I’ve found in this wonderful music. The whole project was supported by Departement of Culture of City of Vienna, and I am immensely grateful for that.

The album is available on the digital platform Bandcamp, and you can listen to it, and purchase it right here .

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